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peer to peer transactions

Easy and Instant Low Fee Transactions Between Two Nodes

At the moment there is no existing infrastructure that can allow instant Peer to peer transaction of goods and services covering the entire african continent. Countries like the United States and some European countries have a well developed systems of such nature. Bitcoin is here to break that barrier and open up the Africa continent for effective cryptocurrency development

The available cryptocurrency transactions platform like localBitcoin and remitano for example charges way too much money to execute successfully a single transaction. Elsecoins will change just a small maintenance fee less than one percent of the transaction volume for every transactions being propagated through it’s servers. This will boost traders with small capital conducting cross border trades as their portfolio will not be taken up by the expensive fees other exchange platform charges.

Elsecoins  will bring cryptocurrency investment to Africa, at the moment African investors in cryptocurrency are using foreign based services which charges way too much handling fees to invest in cryptocurrency. Elsecoins is designed to be affordable, reliable and easy to use.


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