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   It has been announced that money-token crypto-backed has granted loans features on their platform in which zero interest loans is quite available for every single person.

It was officially launched on the 12th September, anyone at all will be granted gateway in joining the MoneyToken platform and as well get a loan under a 0% interest rate. In other to acquire the zero interest rate crypto-backed loan on the platform, all active users are required to purchase a special membership package which allows for the zero interest conditions. However, it can be as well be purchased with the IMT token whereby users can easily locate on a different platform like CoinSuper, BitForex, IDEX, etc.

The entire IMT token which was spent on the purchased membership will automatically be burned down.

     Although, Money Token is a newly created best crypto lending platform in which it allows active users to borrow liquid funds simultaneously based on the current values of the cryptocurrency asset holding. The user has been granted the access to a request for a loan, collateralized with a more volatile asset such as Bitcoin, Ethereun; in return, they actually agreed on collecting the agreed loan amount in a stable currency.

    Due to the fact that your blockchain asset is verifiable, and the values is quite transparent to the market, you don't really need to undertake the invasive and unnecessary credit check. There really nothing added to your credit history or any public credit file as well. Meanwhile, the loan can be made instantly. There are no core reasons for the platform to make some extensive evaluations of the market values of your asset (Unlike, for instance, as happens if you remortgage a property).

    The beauty of this zero interest loan platform is that, when is due time is up for the loan, in which after you are set to repay it fully, you get the entire sum back, it doesn’t really matter if the BTC has been increased in value-wise or not during the specific time. Apparently, for individual holding their crypto awaiting for a better price rate before they intend to sell or even never have the intention of selling it at all, this kind of system is actually a lifesaver if am permitted to say.

The major priority of such platform is that the moment they shed some light on how they operate for the members of its community, offers hands-on experience in other to speak, so that everyone would be able to acquire some incredible positive impression of crypto relations says by Jerome MacGillivary, the co-founder of Money Token.

    Currently there are several players on the market of crypto-backed lending, however, it’s pretty knowledgeable that the loan lending platform can be ranked on the first page of Google, for now, this will really save up a lot of people in falling under debt and scams from individuals.

    You’ve to be very careful on the platform you decide on planning to collect loan, there are a lot of website that you’ll request for your master card or bitcoin wallet which is a risk if you haven’t done some research on the company you intend initiated the loan service. Make a deep review about the company before you go ahead in requesting for loan and don’t accept company that will tell you to pay 90% interest rate of your loan, that’s very much bad.

Although, we will be posting some valuable post on some of the trusted loan platform that are quite reliable to partner with. Reviewing a company is very essential when it comes to the world of cryptocurrency.

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