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How social media and email can help cyber criminals to access your crypto virtual wallet

How social media and email can help cyber criminals to access your crypto virtual wallet.

With internet connection scaling up all over the globe, social media has become an important element impacting networking and businesses simultaneously. Along with this, cryptocurrency wallets are also not left behind with emails address and social media being primary targets of cybercriminals looking to access your crypto wallet.

Crypto wallet involves real risk:

Blockchain no doubt is a most secured network of all the time however, the vulnerabilities lies with cryptocurrency exchange provider who has your personal information and also the crypto wallet. Once a hacker gets access to any of them, they Can make the transactions without involving you and unfortunately, you don’t have any control over it.

How hackers use social media and email address to invade your crypto wallet.

The potential risk of falling victim to cyber attacks, involving your cryptocurrency wallets being hacked is increasing every day. This cybercriminal targets on victim social media post and traces his interest in analyzing his recent activities. The next step involves invading his email address.

After getting Access over the victim's primary email address, hackers can easily invade into individual financial account and virtual wallet by resetting the new password through link send on the email.

Steps to protect your cryptocurrency wallet from hackers:

Regardless of Blockchain, being a transparent platform for the financial transaction. It is highly prone to hackers invading your crypto wallet.

The best preventive ways to avoid hacks are: Be vigilant, don’t share most of your personal information on social media, ensure your privacy and security while browsing online, and do not install unknown software on your devices. Another effective approach involves using long and strong passwords that cannot be easily hacked.


Risk and vulnerabilities involving your virtual wallet are not new for us and it will tend to increase with the crypto world scaling up. However, there are multiple cryptocurrency exchange platforms in South Africa That are coming up with the advance protection programs and innovative security approaches, involving protecting your crypto wallets from hacks and cyber attacks.

Elsecoin is a best bitcoin exchange in South Africa that focuses on user security providing them multi-layer security. To know more about cryptocurrency trading services visit us at our Elsecoin website

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