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Guide to earn bitcoin online

Investing in bitcoin is trading business today. Ever since its inception, the technology is getting popular, appealing individual to join the crazy race to earn bitcoins. There are numbers of ways one can earn bitcoin without investing money. Some of these approaches are mentioned here which are worth considering if you want to earn bitcoin online.

Best ways to earn bitcoins:

By bitcoin mining:

It is the most traditional way of earning bitcoins. In this process, new bitcoins are generated in the Blockchain. Mining bitcoin requires certain computer programs and uses a lot of processing power. Lately using them, bitcoin mining was simple and cheap. However today, higher hardware cost, bitcoin complexity and bitcoin uncertain value affected the profitability of bitcoin mining adversely making mining more complex and expensive.

By working for bitcoin: 

Bitcoin Mining is not for everyone, so working for bitcoin is the easiest way you can choose to earn bitcoin online. Either you are an engineer, writer, freelancer, digital marketer there are various services you can provide to bitcoin platform.  There are many websites that will initially pay you with bitcoin as a freelancer but there are some that will make regular payment of bitcoins in exchange for your services.

Trading with bitcoin:

Bitcoin Trading is the most advanced method to earn bitcoin, but it requires deep knowledge and expertise in the technology. The basic idea behind is to buy bitcoin from one cryptocurrency exchange platform at low bitcoin price and selling it to other at a higher price.

The website like else coin is set to assist you in purchasing bitcoin and in other services of cryptocurrency exchange in South Africa.

By bitcoin lending:

Bitcoin peer to peer lending is an effective way to multiply your bitcoin. Here the earned bitcoins work for you to generate some new. There are many platforms available that allow bitcoin lending and offer good returns for lending.

By bitcoin faucet:

Another one in the list to earn bitcoin is through bitcoin faucet.  Basically, the faucet is a reward system that offers small amounts of bitcoin to the visitors called Satoshi in return for completing a task such as playing game, clicking games or watching videos.

However, this way doesn’t seem too realistic as you do not earn much by this method.

Bottom line:

There are plenty of ways through which you earn bitcoin online but neither of them is free. If you don’t invest money, you need to invest your time, knowledge or your computer processing power to earn bitcoin. You can use any of these methods depending upon your suitability. For more update stay tuned with us at Else coin. It is great cryptocurrency exchange platform offering user-friendly services to buy, sell, and trade bitcoin while keeping them secure.

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