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Bitcoin had its wonderful time lately and had gained popularity among investors and people all over the globe. Bitcoin is different from other cryptocurrency trading worldwide. Infect, Bitcoin is the first decentralised digital currency and works without any central authority involved.

 A cryptocurrency or digital currency is a digital asset that is designed to be used as a medium of exchange and utilize the concept of cryptography to ensure secure and safe transaction by avoiding the coping of currency.

Bitcoin was found to be invented by unknown people under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. In this research on bitcoin the idea of having decentralised currency was fascinating but people do not have faith in it. But now the prize value of Bitcoin is at hike and yet increasing incredibly and forcing people to invest their money in buying digital currency. Bitcoin is first cryptography that is accepted worldwide and has no minimum limit and requires no bank account.

But now the question arises that it is decentralised so,

Who controls Bitcoin and how it works?

All those who buy Bitcoin are responsible for control and management. There exist public ledgers that work on block chain technology and give access to everyone to the ledger and allows people to see the list of every Bitcoin transaction while avoiding fraud in the process.

Impact of Bitcoin

With the evolution of Bitcoin many software engineers started to work to make this system more advance and reliable. By using special mathematical software they get new Bitcoin and support the block chain network. This process is called “mining”.

Bitcoin has influenced life of people in many ways.

  • It has made limitless transaction possible in any part of world at any time.
  • Bitcoin Secure your privacy. That was not found in other digital transaction where credit card data often get back on internet.
  • Transaction cost is less in bitcoin compared to credit cards.
  • Bitcoin is secure and safe from theft as it is has accessible public block chain so it can be verified at any time and by anyone.

Here when world is shifting online, Bitcoin is a revolution and great discovery that came in spotlight.

Now all the large firms like Microsoft, dell has started accepting Bitcoin for payment, Vendors of some developed countries started accepting Bitcoin as it is secure and protected. Every year number of people using Bitcoins is increasing rapidly and reaches 16 million in past decade.

Is there a future for Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a pioneer. It undoubtedly holds the unique feature of privacy and decentralisation. Bitcoin users are increasing rapidly and simultaneously demand is also set to increase more from 21 million that are present in market now.

Legalisation of currency by other countries like in Japan will surely bring the hike on prize. Bitcoin certainly holds a great future ahead. If you haven’t joined and are interested it’s not let now. Land over reliable platform of elsecoins exchange and avail the best cryptocurrency exchange and development services.

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