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Buy bitcoins online in South Africa

Buy bitcoins online in South Africa

Buying cryptocurrency like bitcoin, one-coin cryptocurrency is on the boom. If you are planning to invest in bitcoin but are concerned about how to buy them and where to buy this guide will surely help you. Buying bitcoin is simple. It is can be bought online in 2 ways either by directly buying it from others in the marketplace or on the exchange.

The easiest and fastest way is through credit card or debit coin while the cheaper method involves purchase bitcoin on the exchange. But before finding a best cryptocurrency exchange platform for cryptocurrency trading there are several points that are needed to be considered.

•    Exchange rate: by comparing the price of local cryptocurrency exchange with bitcoin index price one can get the best price of cryptocurrency exchange.

    Payment methods: before going for any bitcoin exchange it is beneficial to find the one accept the preferred payment method I.e. the one charging low fees.

•    Speed: initial verification sometimes may take weeks or days but if you need bitcoin instantly. Looking for the exchange and determine its verification levels and delivery speed is very much important.

•    Buying limit: each bitcoin exchange offers varying buying amount limit depending upon the level of verification it involves. Some bitcoin exchange may seem to provide a different limit for regular and for verified costumers.

•    Privacy: cryptocurrency exchange accepting credit card and debit cards are needed to be bided by law to collect information and identifies the users.

•    Go through Regulatory compliance: again before trusting any exchange, it is important to get the regulatory compliance that is available on bitcoin exchange websites.

•    Have a bitcoin wallet, depending on your specific need. The hot wallet is best if you make bitcoin transaction frequently.

These are the list of few online bitcoin exchanges where you can buy bitcoin in South Africa. providing the best bitocoin online exchange platform where you can sale/purchase your bitcoin and other crytocurrency coins online.

Coin mama: allows customer from all over the world to buy bitcoin with credit and debit cards by Charging 6% on each purchase

Pros: works globally, the large limit for buying with credit cards, high speed, good reputation

Cons: high fees

LocalBitcoin: provides escrow service to match buyers and sellers. 

Pros: in person and private trade, low fees and quick purchase

Cons: low buying limit, a higher price than regular exchange.

Luno: if offers lowest 0% fees for market makers and provide instant buy feature.

Pros: trusted and reliable, low withdrawal fees, a high limit for exchange

Cons: limited options for payment

Coincorner: caters first-time buyers of UK, Europe and certain African and Asian countries.

Pros: trusted and regulated company, a large range of payment modes

Cons: require id verification, charges 1% fee

Bitcoin ATM: is the most convenient exchange but comes with the price charging 5-10% on the purchase.

Pros: ATM maps allows you to track ATM near you

Cons: large trading fees

Mycelium local trader: locate local bitcoin traders. Charges no fees.

Pros: easy, fast and private.

Cons: users in the low populated area have trouble in locating sellers

Changelly: allow purchasing bitcoin on the exchange of any other digital tokens. Enable instant exchange feature.

Pros: fast and instant.

Cons: need another coin for exchange.

Mine your bitcoin: cryptocurrency mining is another platform where we can mine for new bitcoin through at current rate spending money on bitcoin mining in equipment and power seems large that we spend on buying or exchange.

    Cryptocurrency Trading can be risky so we suggest you to do proper research. Our team is here to assist you with all the queries you may have.

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